Plan a High School Reunion

Let’s face it; No matter what kind of reunion you are planning, class reunion, family reunion or military organization reunion, planning a reunion can be a lot of work. There is a lot of stuff to do and remember and the process can be a bit overwhelming. Read on to learn how reunion planning can help with the planning process. Our reunion planning service allows you to communicate with classmates, identify and search for missing classmates, schedule reunions, accept RSVPs, sell tickets and more. It will streamline the reunion planning process and take the stress out of the project. In this article we will show you how Reunion planning will help.

Now lets get started:

Set up a Class Reunion Website

Before you go to far in the planning process you will want to have a website. A website provides a place for you and your classmates to discuss the details of the reunion, post announcements, assign tasks, collect RSVPs and sell tickets. This is where comes in… Simply create an account on to get started. It’s ok, if you are not ready to purchase a premium account. The basic account will allow you to browse many of the features that are available and start posting announcements.

If you have the skills and prefer to run your own reunion website, download our free WordPress plugin which provides the same features as

Locate Classmates

After setting up your account on, the next step and the most important is tracking down classmates.

Start on social media websites like Facebook. They are a great place to locate classmates. Look for existing Facebook Group that you can join, if there is not one already available, create one. Share it will anyone on your friend list. Invite classmates to register at and ask them to extend invitations to others.

Reach out to your high school to see if they maintain an alumni database. Many high schools, colleges, and higher learning institutions stay connected with former students; they may track relocations, students who have passed away, and other important information.

If you have not already done so, subscribe to the reunion planning features on and enter a list of missing classmates. Use the import tool to automatically import a list of classmates. Once you have compiled a list of classmates. Other users can help you to locate missing classmates.

Determine if There is Enough Interest in Having a Class Reunion

No matter what size school you attended, you will need to meet a threshold of interest to justify the cost and effort of planning a reunion. Your target audience needs to be interested in the event.

After connecting with classmates ask classmates to complete a survey. Survey Monkey can be used to create a free survey that you can post on the message board. Ask a range of questions, including:

  1. Are you interested in attending the event?
  2. Who is willing to participate in the planning process?
  3. What would former classmates want to see at the event?
  4. How much would each person be willing to spend on reunion tickets?
  5. What is your general availability?
  6. Are you willing to travel?
  7. What is your preferred type of event venue.

Some classmates may want to wine and dine at an upscale restaurant, revisit a local hangout, or take a walk down memory lane through the halls of your old high school.

Enlist the Help of a Reunion Planning Committee

Form a planning committee and get the process started. Post a request in the message board to request volunteers to participate in the event planning and organizational process. Assign duties and post a task list in message board.

You can expect a variety of opinions, often they will conflict with others. You must oversee the delegation of tasks, duties, and responsibilities. To plan a high school reunion that feels inclusive, you have to be willing to accept ideas that are not your own so don’t make the event about you.

Establish a Class Reunion Budget

Create a preliminary budget for the reunion. Establishing a budget early in the process helps to determine the scale of the high school reunion. Planners can estimate that approximately 35% to 40% of their graduating class will attend the reunion, and about half will bring a guest. For example, if your graduating class had 200 people, you could estimate that eighty alumni would attend. If 50% of attendees invite a guest, planners should anticipate that 120 total guests will attend.

By approximating the attendee count you will have a starting point to build a budget. After estimating event attendance, determine how your team will fund the event. Discuss various budget details, such as:

  1. Can you pull from a previously established school fund?
  2. Will you request donations or sell tickets?
  3. How much should tickets cost?
  4. Who will pay venue and vendor deposits?
  5. How will you reimburse deposit-payers?
  6. Will you track reunion payments and funds in a reunion-only bank account?

High school reunion planning committees typically sell tickets to cover the cost of the event. For example, if you were to charge $50 per ticket, selling 100 tickets would give you $5,000 to fund the event. Create VIP ticket packages that include a memory book, VIP parking, or other unique offers, at a higher rate, to raise additional funds for the event. 

Brainstorm Reunion Event Details

Using survey responses and budget estimates, review potential event themes, venues, optimal dates, event program ideas, entertainment options, and activities.

Do you need to find a low-cost event venue so you can spend more on refreshments and entertainment?

Can your budget accommodate event staff, or will you need volunteers to take service shifts during the event?

Determine the event service style you can afford, such as a buffet or four-course plated dinner. Which bar service style will you offer at the reunion: open, partially open, or cash bar? Hosting an open bar will be the most popular option with guests but is also the most expensive option to fund.

Get creative with high school reunion activity ideas. Don’t be afraid to be silly, look silly, or have fun!

As you brainstorm ideas and define objectives for your high school reunion, draft an event schedule. 

Announcing the Class Reunion Event

Once you have determined your budget, selected a date and set your ticket price you are ready to formally announce the reunion event.

Start by creating a PayPal account and generating a payment button used for reunion ticket sales on your website.

Post a reunion announcement in the message board. Be sure to include all the important details, provide contact information for the planning committee members, hotel room block information, deadlines, and other important information on your event website. Be sure to mark the post as a reunion post that accepts RSVPs and include a your PayPal payment button. makes it easy to accept RSVPs, collect payments and manage guest totals right from your website.

If you plan to mail invitations, export a list of members names and addresses from and use it to create a mail merge for your mailing labels.

Finalize Last Minute Event Planning Details

As the reunion date approaches and before the reunion takes place, organize a meeting with reunion leaders to finalize event details, such as the reunion setup, order of events, and vendor services. Before the meeting, export and print a list of RSVPs from in creating name tags and finalizing event details.

Use event diagramming tools to plan the layout of your event, experimenting with different arrangements, designs, and configurations. Consider whether open or assigned seating is best for your high school class and the overall flow of the event.

Work with the planning committee members, speakers, and special guests to finalize your event timeline and plan the schedule of events for each reunion activity. Set aside time to celebrate the accomplishments of your classmates, former teachers, and coaches. Create a multimedia tribute to your class and include a brief immemorial tribute to honor former classmates who are no longer with you.

Contact the venue, vendors, speakers, or reunion entertainers to ensure that there are no outstanding items or tasks that could cause confusion on the day of the event.

During & After the Class Reunion Event

Now is the time to celebrate all your hard work! Reminisce with old friends about your school days and enjoy your reunion but don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Once the reunion is over. post the photos to so for everyone to view and discuss!

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